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Mozart Operas

Clemency of Titus

La clemenza di tito (The Clemency of Titus) K.621


Libretto by Caterino Mazzola after Metastasio

First performance: Sept 1791, National Theatre, Prague


Vitellia persuades Sesto to conspire with her against Tito, who does not return her love. Tito, hoping to marry Servilia, gives her up on discovering that she is in love with Annio. Publio sets off to tell Vitellia that Tito will marry her after all. But she has already sent Sesto to set fire to the capital (which he does) and to kill Tito (which he does not). Tito discovers the plot. Annio urges Sesto to flee, but he is arrested by Publio and condemned to death. Tito tears up the death warrant. Although Vitellia finally confesses her part in the conspiracy, Tito pardons the conspirators and the opera ends happily.


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